Farmlife in Queensland

I always like to think back about the time on the farm. Life was so easy, there were absolutely no worries. The working hostel I was at, had about 40 backpackers on their property, and that was it. No living soul except for a few nasty animals. The next supermarket was about  half an hour drive away. All the backpackers in the place were longstayers and we’ve only had each other in that time. We quickly became one big family. I’ve never seen so many strangers becoming that close to one another.


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All of us were working in different farms. There were Zucchinis, cucumbers, limes, bananas and much much more. Allthough everyone of the male backpackers was send working to the bananafarm first, only 1 out of 4 peolpe actually stayed there for longer than the first break. The banana bunches on that farm weigh between 60-100 kg, and if you drop a few bunches right away, they will have no use for you. Most of the time I was working on this farm. It was definately the hardest work (physically) I’ve ever done in my life. The foreman was constantly watching me, looking for any mistakes to have a reason to shout at me. Real badass from Estonia. But I’ve always had a lot of fun on the farm. I imagined that I was playing an ego shooter, walking around with my machete, cutting down banana trees, being surrounded by deadly snakes and spiders, and of course, hard working people who were all in the same boat.


But besides working we’ve always had something to do. we would walk around and discover the landscape, or watch our farmer burn down the whole freakin‘ world 😛

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I hope that this gives you an insight of this amazing experience we’ve all shared together back then. Sometimes I wish I could just go back…

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