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Due to our semsester abroad in Thailand, we’ve had the chance to fly to Macau for a weekend. Since I am a passionated gambler, and I have never been to Vegas, this has always been a dream for me. For those of you that don’t know anything about Macau let me give you a quick introduction.

Macau ist the only place in Asia where gambling is legal. Not saying it is not possible to play some games anywhere else in Asia, but this is the place to be if you have your pockets full of money and ready to blast it away. The name of the game is „Baccarat“. This is what most chinese gamblers prefer to play in the casinos. My estimation is that about 90% of the tables are running baccarat. The minimum bet for a round was around 60 US Dollars, so this is what most chinese gamblers are playing and it is quiet funny to watch them doing so. They have their weird rituals within the game, like actually destroying the cards that are in the game. They would go ahead and squeeze the cards so hard that the dealers have to change decks every single hand that is being played. Some guy told me what all that was about, i gotta tell you it doesn’t make any sense, but it’s very entertaining.

So thats what the chinese people play over there. We haven’t played a single round of baccarat though. Julia and me were hooked on a big spinning wheel for the first few hours or so. A 200 US Dollar profit on the big wheel was quiet a good start, but I was there for the Pokerstars room in the „City of Dreams“ Casino at the Cotai Strip. I love playing tournament poker and I have never had the chance to play live Poker in a professional poker room. The atmospehere was very relaxed and this was the only place to meet other travellers. Sadly not too many people seemed to be interrested in Poker, so the tournament fields were quiet small. Buy-ins ranged from 30$ up to 250$ in the daily tournaments. Sadly I couldn’t win any money in the tournaments, but it was still a great expierence for me.