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Working in Heaven



There are jobs in your life you will never forget. I had one of these experiences in Melbourne/Australia…

When I came to Australia I had quite a big problem finding a job. There are so many backpackers looking for a job. Especially in a city like Melbourne, so it’s quite hard to find something nice. Me and my friend decided to apply for a job in Melbourne’s suburb, St Kilda. St Kilda is really amazing. It’s directly on the beach and you always have the feeling that you’re in a very cool and different place. It’s not fancy at all, it’s more like a small hippi and alternative village.
We stayed in a Hostel on Grey Street, it was called Coffee Palace. Sadly, this beautiful place closed a couple of years ago.
But back to the story,…. Me and my friend started printing our CVs and distributing them everywhere along Acland Street. And then I saw these wonderful cake shops. We could work in HEAVEN!!! One of them looked pretty old. Really different to the other cake shops around. I gave my CV to a nice waitress who worked there. After a few days I got a call. I had got the job. I still don’t know how I got this job but at this moment I was so happy.
My first days, my first weeks even, were so hard. My english was not very good and I had to serve customers. Sometimes I was so lost because when I did’t understand something I couldn’t really ask anyone, everybody else was an English native speaker. It was really hard to begin with and I cried a lot.

After two months, my English improved a lot. It was much easier to talk to customers than before. I really started to enjoy the job . The owner is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. But also his wife and their adult children are absolutely amazing people.

You can’t imagine what it is like to work in a cake shop with the best cake in the world. I ate too much and I put on six kilos. Sometimes, even after 4 years I still dream of the amazing chocolate Kugelhupf. Crazy I know 😀 There are also some customers I will never forget. M. a really old guy who couldn’t pay for his cake and coffee came almost every day. He got his coffee and his piece of cake free from the owner of Monarch Cakes. I was always happy to see him. The other customer I will always remember is a guy with a bike and a cute dog, Teddy. We had nice conversations and he was always super friendly to me.
It was hard for me to leave this beautiful place and this  nice family. It was not completely perfect, but after 4 years I think back fondly on this time. If you are in St Kilda any time soon, you should definitely to go to MONARCH CAKES on Acland Street. You will never forget this beautiful place.
Thank you !


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